Anonymous: Oh my god you're so hot

aww thank you ^_^

Anonymous: confession, I'm gay and I really don't like gay guys who are super flamboyant and or feminine am I a bad person?

you would be bad if you looked down on them or where rude to them,your fine if its just a sexual preference if u like more beefy men

Anonymous: Well looks like you're popular enough to get anon hate! But it's a good thing you don't care and know all your followers adore you ☺️

haha i guess, and thank you<3

Anonymous: Your blog sucks and your face looks like a girl's from my school

i bet she is the prettiest girl in your school


Got my hair done

Anonymous: Can you do a video q and a? Or a video of you dancing and singing?

I am doing one after my summer class. And no I don’t sing or dance

Anonymous: you are so cute it hurts

im sorry